Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a beginning

I have decided to start this - I'm trying to be more media literate and thought it might be a nice  place to share experiments and inspirations......  we'll see if I can keep it up.  Let me know what you think..

Artist Residency

my little shack

I have just spent 7 days on an Artist Residency in a Dune Shack outside Provincetown Cape Cod.  It was such a relief to be back in nature.  Getting aligned with the rhythms, pumping well water up from the earth to wash in, watching the sun rise and sun set.  Walking and sketching in the dunes, walking the length of the beach each day, watching the whales and seals.  The nights were dark, so dark -like a thick cloak around the shack.  There was no difference between my eyes being tightly closed and wide open.  It reminded me of home.  Stars, so many stars, such a reminder of our insignificance on this earth.  I was so grateful for this time.  I made a lot of little paintings (it was too difficult to carry in any large canvas's), some weave with found pieces from the beach and some stitch pieces.....

sun set

installation piece using dried sticks

collection for weave

stitch piece

sketches and paintings

I am really looking forward to getting into the studio and processing my time.  I am feeling a pull towards working with ceramic, and figuring out these stitch pieces....  It was such a wonderful opportunity and I am so thankful to Tom Boland and the crew at Far Land Provisions as well as my family for making this happen.